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Smiling Model


Hi Gorgeous people.

Here at Eric Ribeiro everyone is treated the same , We don't discriminate gender so I've decide to do everyone pays the same only differential is how long your hair is... 

* Short hair : is above the ears, earring length. most people that don't take long to style after cut.

*Medium hair : pass the ears until your bra strap line , or passing the shoulders. Most people that needs a good blow dry after and use a hair strainer or curlers.

*Long hair : passing the bra strap or longer than the elbow. For people with extra long or extra thick hair , you know when you have one... lol.

*EXTRAS : hair treatment and for a full head of foils add a extra 50$ 

* Sorry no new clients at the moment , if you are new please send me a email or call on 0411291123.


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